Heroes' Guild: Help Wanted is an RPG where you venture out into a big world, battling all kinds of enemies to bring back gold, treasure and weapons for your guild. Gear up by winning or purchasing new weapons and armor, and use them to defeat over 64 unique enemies, collect over 64 items, and choose from over 64 different characters!

We plan on continuing development to fix some bugs, and possibly expand it quite a bit, as there was a lot of ideas we were not able to fit in. Follow our Twitter to stay updated.

HELP US COMPLETE THE GAME BY CONTRIBUTING ON GITHUB: https://github.com/lospec/lowresjam2020


Explore the world, kill monsters, get better loot, kill better monsters, and bring it all back and sell it so you can upgrade the guild. Defeat the strongest monsters for the best loot!

Combat is a turn based battle system, which relies on a rock-paper-scissors system to determine who hits/misses, combined with damage and status effects based on the unique enemy or weapon. All you need to know is:

  • Quick: Beats Heavy, Loses to Counter, On Tie: damage to both
  • Heavy: Beats Counter, Loses to Quick, On Tie: half damage to both
  • Counter: Beats Quick, Loses to Heavy, On Tie: no effect


WASD / arrow keys: move your character
E / Spacebar / Enter: open chests, close chests, interact  Left click to:

  • Open the inventory (bag icon)
  • Interact with the inventory and the pause menu
  • Select your action while in combat

Use the mouse to drag and drop objects from the chests to the inventory and viceversa.


We are a team of ~20, founded on the Lospec.com discord server for the purpose of entering this gamejam.


Skeddles - Itch Twitter Web - Project manager, Art, Lead Design, Mapping, Organization
Mariothedog - Itch Twitter - Lead Programmer
KingW - Itch Twitter - Lead Art, VO


Pillsgood - Itch - Programming
A& - Itch - Programming
ZIK - Itch Twitter - Programming, Art, Sound design
Unsettled  - Itch Twitter - Programming, Art
PureAsbestos - Itch Twitter - Programming,  Art, VO
Zahran - Itch Twitter - Music, Sound
|NOXITIVE| - Itch Twitter - Art, Sound design, VO
ShinyTseul - Itch - Art
Glacier - Itch Twitter - Art, Design
WildLeoKnight - Itch Twitter -  Art, VO
CalmRadish (CopheeMoth) - Itch - Art, Organization


Cdaddr - Itch  - Music, Art
Honkera - Itch Twitter - Art, Sound design
Ophiuchus - Itch - Art
Reverie - Itch - Art
Pit - Itch - Art
KingGrunion - Twitter - Art
JustJimmy - Twitter - Art
Braquen - Itch Twitter - Art


Heroes' Guild Post-Jam Windows Build 5 Debug.zip 45 MB
Heroes' Guild Post-Jam Mac Build 5 Debug.zip 48 MB
Heroes' Guild Post-Jam Linux Build 5 Debug.zip 62 MB


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l want to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and l will)

Polished and fun!